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sound hire

Sound Hire

If you have 1,000 guests for an awards ceremony, or just a 10-person delegate meeting, we’ll make sure you can be heard by every single person.

Our sound hire department has some of the latest audio equipment available on today’s market, we are extremely well equipped to find the perfect solution for you. We have audio arrangements for almost any scenario, whether it’s just background music or a full-blown DJ or band setup for a wedding or gala dinner, we’ve got you covered.

With our scalable HK element speaker system, we can provide clarity rich, full room surround sound without breaking the bank (or the decibel world record), as these speakers have specially designed line-source arrays to distribute audio evenly throughout the room. This is just one example of the type of innovative sound hire equipment we stock.

Our other sound hire inventory includes, but is not limited to:

  • Digital Yamaha sound desks
  • Public address PA systems
  • Wireless microphones (handheld, lapel, headset DPA and others)
  • DJ equipment inc. Pioneer CDJ2000 NXS & Pioneer DJM900 NXS
  • Complete band audio inc. microphones, amplifiers, monitor speakers and all multicore / RJ-45 cabling
  • Playback equipment
  • Powerful HK bass bins & tops for DJ / band sound for large rooms
lighting hire

Lighting Hire

Lighting hire is something that often gets overlooked for events, however we believe that it is one of the most important aspects of production. Lighting hire can completely transform a space to be completely unrecognisable if done correctly.

This is why Audio Visual Live prides itself of having a vast array of stock available to hire as we know the importance of lighting.

Whether you’re just looking for uplighters to illuminate a room or having twenty different bespoke gobos produced for twenty separate Chauvet Rogue R1 LED spotlights, all moving in complete unison; look no further.

Our other lighting hire equipment consist of the following:

  • Wireless uplighters
  • LED moving head spots
  • LED moving head washes
  • LED static spotlights
  • High powered strobing lasers
  • Haze machines
  • Magnetic wireless pinspots
  • LED batons
  • Pixel bars
  • Control desks
  • Intelligent lighting systems
  • Bespoke gobo production
  • Stage theatre lighting
video hire

Video Hire

Whether you need a small screen for a 10-person delegate meeting, or complete coverage for an 800-strong award ceremony, we’ll ensure that your content will be seen clearly by everyone.

From 24” to 103”, all of our screens are full 1080p HD, and we are starting to move into the realms of 4K resolutions.

To be able to seamlessly switch between several video signals at the perfect time not only looks more professional, it also contributes with the overall success of an event. Video hire can come in many different formats, below is a list of some of the video hire elements that we provide:

  • Seamless HDMI switchers
  • Blackmagic HD-SDI – HDMI converters / extenders
  • Full 1080p HD screens ranging from 24” to 103”
  • Live video relay
  • Live web streaming
  • Signal distribution
  • Comfort monitors
  • Large format screens
projection hire

Projector Hire

If you want to cover a large audience with one, simple solution; projection is the way to go. We have small, but powerful 10,000 lumen projectors that can light up a screen even during the day.

We can build a projector screen into a stage set to make it all look seamless, or have it freestanding for simplicity, or even hanging from a truss structure for that industrial look.

Projector hire really compliments a corporate event, even when on a budget as we’ll find the perfect solution for you from the list below:

  • Fastfold projection screens
  • Rear projection screens
  • Front projection screens
  • Ultra-short throw lenses
  • Zoomable short-throw lenses
  • 10,000 lumen HD projectors
  • In-set projection
stage and set building

Stage & Set Building Hire

Stage and set building is something that we pride ourselves on. Our seamless, professional finish on staging is what separates us from the competition. We use brand new carpet on all staging for every single event it goes out on. Of course, we’re able to send out the staging without carpet on as well.

We use LiteDeck aluminium staging as this is one of the most durable and lightest staging blocks on the market. This keep both transport and hire costs to a minimum.

Set building comes in many different formats but has the possibility so that no two set designs are the same. Whether you’re after a simple rectangular set behind a stage, or a curved 3D glittered archway, we’ve got you covered.

As staging and set building is something quite bespoke, we advise that you speak with us directly to discuss your options. We’ll be able to advise on the best solution, doing our upmost to stay within budget without compromising quality.

For a breakdown of our stage blocks, please see below:

  • 4ft x 2ft
  • 6ft x 2ft
  • 8ft x 2ft
  • 4ft x 4ft
  • 6ft x 4ft
  • 8ft x 4ft
  • Quad & triangle sections
  • Legs for all staging cut to bespoke heights if required
equipment dry hire

Equipment Dry Hire

If you are familiar with our equipment and are comfortable installing and using it without our expert know-how, we offer all of our equipment on a dry hire basis; meaning you will save costs on installation and transportation if you pick up from us directly.

We understand that sometimes, especially during busy periods, your own stock may be running low and you require a little help from someone else; this is where we can help you.

If you feel that you require some additional equipment to supplement your own, please get in contact with us directly and we’d be more than happy to help.