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Sound Hire

If you have 1,000 guests for an awards ceremony, or just a 10-person delegate meeting, we’ll make sure you can be heard by every single person.

Our sound hire department has some of the latest audio equipment available on today’s market, we are extremely well equipped to find the perfect solution for you.

Lighting Hire

Lighting hire is something that often gets overlooked for events, however we believe that it is one of the most important aspects of production. Lighting hire can completely transform a space to be completely unrecognisable if done correctly.

This is why Audio Visual Live prides itself of having a vast array of stock available to hire as we know the importance of lighting.

Video Hire

Whether you need a small screen for a 10-person delegate meeting, or complete coverage for an 800-strong award ceremony, we’ll ensure that your content will be seen clearly by everyone.

From 24” to 103”, all of our screens are full 1080p HD, and we are starting to move into the realms of 4K resolutions.

Projector Hire

If you want to cover a large audience with one, simple solution; projection is the way to go. We have small, but powerful 10,000 lumen projectors that can light up a screen even during the day.

We can build a projector screen into a stage set to make it all look seamless, or have it freestanding for simplicity, or even hanging from a truss structure for that industrial look.

stage and set building
Stage and Set Building Hire

Stage and set building is something that we pride ourselves on. Our seamless, professional finish on staging is what separates us from the competition. We use brand new carpet on all staging for every single event it goes out on. Of course, we’re able to send out the staging without carpet on as well.

We use LiteDeck aluminium staging as this is one of the most durable and lightest staging blocks on the market. This keeps both transport and hire costs to a minimum.

Set building comes in many different formats but has the possibility so that no two set designs are the same. Whether you’re after a simple rectangular set behind a stage, or a curved 3D glittered archway, we’ve got you covered.

equipment dry hire
Equipment Dry Hire

If you are familiar with our equipment and are comfortable installing and using it without our expert knowhow, we offer all of our equipment on a dry hire basis; meaning you will save costs on installation and transportation if you pick up from us directly.

Why Choose Us?

24/7 Support

We are available whenever you need us, even if it is just a quick call for advice or a complete brief for your biggest live event of the year; we are always on hand to help.

Expert Advice and Customer Service

Our in-house team’s knowledge is second to none and will help you deliver the perfect event every time. If you think something can’t be done, speak with us before disregarding it and we’ll look into it for you.

Lastest Equipment

We have a passion for new technology and being part of a constant improvement culture by embracing the newest innovations within the audio visual industry, we endeavour to have the most up-to-date equipment within our rental fleet.

About us

Our Clients

Our diverse client list ranges from small independent businesses, schools and theatres to international enterprises and global brands. We also provide for private events such as weddings, coming of age ceremonies and lavish birthday parties.

We have expertise within a host of industries, including local and national government; public sector; education; healthcare; leisure and entertainment; film and television; IT and communications; tourism and hospitality; financial services; charities and non-profit; music and retail.